3D Design! Highly Breathable! Extreme Filtration!

3DBear Cutting

Strip-free design

Strip-free yet well-sealed design, gentle but protective for infant babies.

Comfortable Type Earloop

To ensure users have a better wearing experience, a fluffy material is used to make these smooth, chafe-free and super-elastic Earloops.


SAVEWO 3DBEAR is a single-use mask for young children aged 6-24 months with an exquisite 3D design. TYPECOOL+ filtration technology provides excellent filtration, breathability and comfort, while the skin-friendly. With an antimicrobial ESPP material and Comfortable Type Earloop, SAVEWO 3DBEAR is especially suitable for young children. It can filter 99.9% of bacteria, fine particles and viruses effectively with an ultra-low breathing resistance. SAVEWO 3DBEAR with Individual packaging is convenient for users to carry, and available in 3 colors.

High Breathability

  • Innovative filtration technology with ultra-high breathability
  • Ultra-low Breathing Resistance < 2.8mmH2O
  • Adopts the all-new hydrophobic electret technology that withstands moisture, maintaining high filtration efficiency

High Filtration

High Filtration Efficiency
  • Bacterial Filtration Efficiency BFE≥99.9%
  • Particle Filtration Efficiency PFE≥99.9%
  • Viral Filtration Efficiency VFE≥99.9%
  • Fluid Resistance: Resists Synthetic Blood @ 120mmHg of pressure
  • Filtration is effective for 24 hours+
  • Filtration efficiency maintained 99.9% upon exposure to 100% relative humidity for 24 hours
Filtration Efficiency ≥99.9%
Fluid Resistance: Resists Synthetic Blood @ 120mmHg of pressure
Filtration is effective for 24 hours+


ESPP with a smooth and hydrophilic inner layer can maintain consistent humidity under the mask either in a wet or dehydrated condition.

Inner Layer

Bacteria grow readily in baby’s saliva and other secretions. Therefore, we have strengthened the antimicrobial properties of ESPP for effective control.

Level 2US Surgical Mask Standards
TYPE IIR EU Surgical Mask Standards

SAVEWO Products have Passed Multiple Tests of International Standards!

Infant Babies 6-24 Months
Folded: 68 x 100 mm
Unfolded: 100 x 85 mm
Targets: 6-24 months infant babies

The recommended age for this product is for reference only. Toddlers should use this product under adult supervision and guidance. If any abnormalities are found, please stop using this product immediately and seek advice from professionals.