With FreshQ you can make a cleaning solution with high disinfecting power and low cost. With just tap water and table salt, you can quickly make hypochlorous acid disinfectant which is economical, safe and multi-purpose.

【Frequently Asked Questions】

Product Features and Operation

According to the standards of Japan's Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, an effective chlorine concentration of 200 ppm can kill COVID-19; FreshQ has already passed the virucidal tests of international auditing organization Intertek, the disinfectant produced by FreshQ at the Ultra-Strong Concentration setting (mode 2 - 3 spoonfuls of salt) can effectively kill 99.999% of COVID-19 in 10 seconds.
Can produce hypochlorous acid water at different concentrations according to the use case, and should use the supplied spoon that comes in the box, one completely filled spoon with a flat top is 1 gram of salt, it is recommended to not go over 3 grams:

Ultra-Mild Concentration (Mode 1 - No salt) Available chlorine content < 20ppm* :
  • - Wash fruits and vegetables

Mild Concentration (Mode 2 - No salt) Available chlorine content 20-50ppm :
  • - Disinfect hands and utensils before meals
  • - Disinfect maternal and infant products

Medium Concentration (Mode 1 - 1 gram of salt) Available chlorine content 100-200ppm :
  • - Disinfect infant toys, pet products
  • - Disinfect garments, textile products
  • - Disinfect electrical equipment, eg.: mobile phone, laptop, television screen, waterproof smartwatch
  • (Electrical equipment should be wiped with a cloth that has been sprayed with disinfectant, to avoid malfunction due to seepage of liquid if the disinfectant is directly sprayed onto the product)

Strong Concentration (Mode 1 - 3 grams of salt or Mode 2 - 1 gram of salt) Available chlorine content 200-300ppm :
  • - Appropriate for disinfecting furniture and bed linens
  • - Appropriate for disinfecting in household, office, bathroom and other environments

Ultra Strong Concentration (Mode 2 - 3 grams of salt) Available chlorine content 300-500ppm :
  • - Remove bad odors from shoe cabinet, bathroom, pet products
  • - Disinfect carpet, floorboard, shoe outsole
  • - Disinfect car interior

*ppm: parts per million
FreshQ's electrode mesh is made of titanium, thus it will not release any heavy metals that are toxic to humans.
FreshQ's disinfectant can be used as an aerosol. All aerosol disinfectants are harmful to humans! If aerosol disinfectant is used, inhalation of the aerosolized disinfectant must be avoided as much as possible. While applying the aerosol disinfectant, wear a Savewo mask and keep good ventilation. Never believe any rumors that tell you that "Aerosol disinfectants are harmless to humans"!
To avoid affecting the product's function, if the hypochlorous acid disinfectant in the container is not used up after an extended period of time, it is recommended to pour it out; start over by adding tap water and salt, to produce fresh hypochlorous acid disinfectant, thus ensuring that FreshQ operates at greatest efficiency.
Hypochlorous acid disinfectant may have a mild bleach odor, which is a normal occurence; can be used without concern.
According to the test results of international auditing organization Intertek, FreshQ's disinfectant stays effective one month later if stored at room temperature and away from sunlight, and remains effective as long as direct sunlight is avoided.
In most situations, there will be no color fading; if used on colored clothes, leather or other textile products, it is recommended to test in an obscure location, to prevent proliferation of color fading.
Hypochlorous acid has the ability to remove bad odors, from locations or objects that regularly have bad odors (such as bathroom, shoe cabinet, garbage bin, or in their surroundings) via spraying or spot cleaning with a damp cloth; if strong or ultra-strong concentration is used, it is recommended to wipe down with a dry cloth after disinfection.
Can use ultra-mild concentration (available chlorine content <20ppm) and mild concentration (available chlorine content 20-50ppm) to disinfect utensils, wipe down with a dry cloth after disinfection.
Hypochlorous acid water is widely used in the USA, Japan and many other countries, has the nickname of "Food-grade Sanitizer"; the Japanese government regulates hypochlorous acid water (available chlorine content 10-80ppm) when it is used as a germicidal food additive*.
Can use ultra-mild concentration (available chlorine content <20ppm) and mild concentration (available chlorine content 20-50pp) to effectively eliminate harmful microorganisms from the surface of fruits and vegetables; it is recommended to wash the food with tap water after disinfection.

*JIS B 8701:2017 Food Additive
Under normal circumstances, can be used directly on skin, but some individuals may have allergic reactions to chlorine; if after usage there is skin irritation, please stop usage immediately; if symptoms worsen, consult a doctor.
Not recommended to use hypochlorous acid water at ultra-strong concentration on humans or pets; medium concentration or below is suitable.
FreshQ's electrolytically formed disinfectant is a weak base at pH 10, which is much more gentle than 1:99 bleach water at pH 12.
Mild concentration will have no effect on the human body, hypochlorous acid water is limited to usage on skin (medium concentration or below) or surfaces of objects for purposes of disinfection, cannot cure or prevent diseases if swallowed, and it is recommended not to drink the disinfectant. If accidentally swallowed and one's body feels unwell, one should drink large amounts of pure water and immediately consult a doctor.
Internal cleaning
Add no more than 300mL of tap water to the container, close the cover on the sterilizer and shake it a few times to clean the container, the sterilizer can be used again promptly after cleaning.

External cleaning
Use a dry towel to rub the surface of the sterilizer. (Please don't use chemicals or regular cleaning fluid when cleaning the exterior of the sterilizer.)

*Please don't wet the USB ports
Can use the supplied spray vial that came in the box, but can also use other containers for carriage, so the disinfectant can be used any time and anywhere.
When FreshQ produces hypochlorous acid water, gas is formed, thus the sterilizer's nozzle and bottleneck have air vents; when shaking the sterilizer or during usage, there might be a small amount of leakage of hypochlorous acid water, which is normal, so one can continue to use without concern.
Before first usage of the product, charging is recommended, full charging takes 2 hours, normal use is possible when disconnected from power.

Charging: Red light
Fully charged: Blue light
A fully charged FreshQ can perform about 50 minutes of electrolysis.
3 minutes of electrolysis: Approximately 15 times
5 minutes of electrolysis: Approximately 10 times
Recommended to wait until FreshQ is fully charged before usage.
FreshQ was researched and designed by a professional team in Hong Kong, and manufactured in China; all products passed through strict quality checking before leaving the factory.

Disinfection Principle and Certification

FreshQ has already passed the EN 1276* test of international auditing organization Intertek, FreshQ's ultra-strong concentration (Mode 2 - 3 grams of salt) disinfectant can effectively kill 99.999% of germs on hands and surfaces of objects in 10 seconds.

*According to the requirements of the EN 1276 test, the disinfectant must demonstrate at least a 5 log reduction in the number of viable cells within the specified contact time.
Place water (H2O) and salt (NaCl) in FreshQ, salt water will break down via electrolysis into sodium hydroxide (NaOH), chlorine gas (Cl2), and hydrogen gas(H2).

When chlorine gas (Cl2) dissolves in water, part of the chlorine gas (Cl2) will react with water (H2O), forming hydrochloric acid (HCl) and hypochlorous acid (HClO).

Hypochlorous acid water is a powerful oxidant that easily breaks down the cell walls of germs, and thus is a disinfectant.

FreshQ's ultra-strong concentration disinfectant can in 10 seconds kill 99.999% of germs, including: Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Enterococcus hirae, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. FreshQ kills germs more effectively and is less irritating than both 70% isopropyl alcohol and 1:99 diluted household bleach. FreshQ also does not have a burning sensation when inhaled. Due to these properties FreshQ is less risky to the user's health.
Yes, because Hong Kong's tap water contains minute amounts of chlorine; even if only tap water is used for electrolysis, the result is ultra-mild concentration to mild concentration hypochlorous acid water, which is suitable for washing fruits and vegetables and disinfecting maternal and infant products.
In order to formulate hypochlorous acid water of medium concentration to ultra strong concentration, one gram of table salt is required. If low sodium salt is used, the available chlorine content may be reduced and then disinfection efficiency will be affected. Also please do not use seasoning salt, salt cubes and unrefined salt, because the amount of sodium chloride in table salt is 99% and is enough for maximum disinfection efficiency.
It is recommended to use warm tap water, and to not use either hot or cold water. If water with a temperature of over 50° Celsius is used for electrolysis, it may result in malfunction of FreshQ.


Savewo provides 12 months of warranty for FreshQ. Please keep the sales receipt, if there is anything wrong with the product in 12 months, fill in the form below and our service center will schedule repairs or exchange your product, the link to the form is as follows: www.savewo.com/en/warranty-form

Savewo service center
Address: G/F, 266-270 Texaco Road, Tsuen Wan
Office hours: Monday to Saturday 13:00 -18:00 (Please make a reservation first)

Please note: if FreshQ was modified internally / used carelessly / charged improperly / had internal liquid seepage / was operated improperly by not following the instruction manual, prior to product malfunction and the resulting need for repair, a repair fee will be charged.
Problems with the product? SAVEWO will resolve it! Please WhatsApp / call our Customer Service and Aftersales Support Hotline (852) 5503 2370
Above information is for reference only, it will be amended from time to time without prior notice.