SAVEWO 3DMASK EX incredible protection

SAVEWO 3DMASK EXTREME PRO is Hong Kong’s first respirator to obtain FFP3 certification, the highest level under the EN149:2001+A1:2009 standard. The combination of extreme protection and breathability empowers the EX PRO to become The WORLD’S FIRST medical disposable respirator to meet all 4 standards of EN149:2001+A1:2009 FFP3, KMOEL-2017-64 KF99, ASTM LEVEL3, and EN14683 TypeIIR.

It offers greater protection than N95 standard with superb filteration efficiency, while the breathing resistance is less than half of that of traditional FFP3 unvalved respirators. Users can breathe in comfort without sacrificing protection from extreme filtration and tight fit, thus providing the comfortable using experience.

*The World Health Organization advises the use of EN149:2001 FFP3 respirators for clinical procedures that generate aerosols and Pandemic Influenza Infection Control procedures for Hospitals and Primary Care Trust.

Highly Breathable

  • Innovative filtration technology with ultra-high breathability
  • Differential pressure of the material < 6mmH2O/cm2
  • Ultra-low Breathing Resistance < 3.9mmH2O
  • The breathing resistance is less than half of that of traditional FFP3 unvalved respirators

Extreme Filtration

Extreme Filtration Efficiency
  • Sodium Chloride Filtration Efficiency ≥99%
  • Paraffin Oil Filtration Efficiency ≥99%
  • Bacterial Filtration Efficiency BFE≥99.9%
  • Particle Filtration Efficiency PFE≥99.9%
  • Viral Filtration Efficiency VFE≥99.9%
  • Fluid Resistance: Resists Synthetic Blood @ 160mmHg of pressure
  • Filtration is effective for 24 hours+
  • Filtration efficiency maintained 99.9% upon exposure to 100% relative humidity for 24 hours
Sodium Chloride Filtration Efficiency ≥99.9%
Paraffin Oil Filtration Efficiency ≥99.9%
Filtration Efficiency ≥99.9%
Fluid Resistance: Resists Synthetic Blood @ 160mmHg of pressure
Filtration is effective for 24 hours+

Droplet &
Splash Resistance

UltraSpunBond water resistant and repellent layer forms the first defense against the direct upcoming threats to effectively repel and deflect most external particles.

5 Layered FILTER

Built with a unique 5 layered filter which provides extra protection

1st layer
UltraSpunBond is a durable material giving a superb water-repellent and water-resistant performance while maintaining high breathability, making Extreme Pro an effective shield against liquid particles from penetrating under any condition.

2nd layer
, an indestructible supporting layer is introduced during the development of Extreme Pro. It can withstand abusive strong pulls while maintaining the structure, hold the respirator 3D shape in place, and effectively protect the filtration layer. Even under intensive use, it can still provide extraordinary protection performance.

3rd & 4th layer
is created with SAVEWOTM’s brand-new electrode and dual-tip melt-blown technology. The two ultra-fine fibers of different diameters are bound to form an ultimate filtration layer, which can efficiently filter both salt and oil particles. Proven by scientific experiments, it can maintain the same filtration rate B/P/VFE 99.9%* after being immersed in distilled water for 24 hours.
*STC Test report no. HC20090018

5th layer
Extreme Pro uses , a skin-friendly material, as an inner layer. Its skin-friendly property sets it apart from traditional respirators. It is the most skin friendly for sensitive skin as it can maintain consistent humidity under the mask either in a wet or dehydrated condition. Also, ultra-softness of ESPP makes Extreme Pro the leading respirator in terms of comfort.

Patented V-SHAPED Design

The brand-new patented V-Shaped design is installed with PerfectSeal non-slip nose-foam & chin-foam. This seals all leakage from the nose bridge to the chin area to provide full protection from harmful substances.

The newly developed PerfectSeal pads are tailor-made for our respirator. The pads are placed on both the top and bottom pieces. The upper pad is equipped with a memory strip that can be molded to fit the face shape perfectly, thus providing an airtight and comfortable experience.

Tight Fit

Patented V-shaped design with 3D foam and , EX PRO fit for >90% of adults’ faces shapes with an inward leakage of <2%.

Fits the face better than traditional respirators.

Effectively prevents inward and outward leakage of unfiltered air.

Provides excellent protection against aerosol and airborne viral infections in high-risk environments.

The headband is made of HBPRO balanced elastic material, it can withstand 100N tension.


The balanced elastic material distributes pressure evenly on the user’s head and neck without affecting blood circulation.

features a special, soft-to-touch material that effectively spreads and relieves the pressure on the user’s skin.

The inner layer consists of , a skin-friendly material whose hydrophilic property sets EX PRO apart from traditional respirators and renders maximum comfort.

Proven over strict
of trials

EX PRO has passed the OSHA 29 CFR 1910.134 Fit Test for >90% of adults as proven over thousands of trials.

EX Pro keeps functionality in a harsh industrial environment. After a harsh test by strong mechanical stress and high temperature/humidity and showered by salt and oil particles at an ultra-high air flow rate of 95L/min. EX Pro has a filtration percentage of >99%.




Mask Shape Design

Patented V-SHAPED Design

3DMask Extreme Pro respirator is designed with the upper part being slightly longer to effectively reduce the tension on our neck. It not only provides users with more comfort to wear, but also features an ergonomic design that maintains steady airflow, and reduces discomfort from extended use without affecting users’ blood circulation.


Most traditional respirators on the market take a balanced fish shape, with both headbands being of equal length. This non-ergonomic design is problematic as either the top headband is too tight on the head crown or the bottom headband is too loose on the leck. This major flaw may put too much stress on users’ head crown, affect blood circulation and cause discort after extended use.

Mask Headband Design

Simulation of the pressure to the head of EXTREME PRO headband and traditional headband*

STRESS-FREE HBPro Elastic headband

Complement V-Shaped design, decrease the stress to the head, improve user’s blood flow and secure respirator position.

IDENTICAL LENGTH Elastic headband

Increase stress to the head crown area, restrict blood flow and potentially cause headache and discomfort.

*The above information is for reference only.

Mask Inner Layer Design

PerfectSeal foam pad on NOSE and CHIN piece

Further improve gas sealing and increase steadiness when users are talking.

Foam pad on NOSE piece ONLY

Chin piece may shift when talking.

TYPECOOL+EX Filtering layer

Provide maximum filtration rate while maintaining an ultra-low breathing resistance which is only < 3.9mmH2O.

NORMAL Filtering layer

Normal high filtration rate filtering layers usually come with higher breathing resistance.

FleXnet Structural Layer

Strong reliable supporting layer that can withstand strong pulls so as to effectively keep 3D structure in shape.

FRAGILE OR ABSENT Structural Layer

Respirator may collapse when breathing heavily or partaking in high-intensity activities, the risk of leakage increased.

The First Respirator to receive FFP3 Certification in HK
The world’s FIRST medical disposable respirator to meet all 4 standards of EN149:2001+A1:2009 FFP3, KMOEL-2017-64 KF99, ASTM LEVEL3 and EN14683 TypeIIR.
FFP3Ultimate Highest Protection Respirators Standards*
KF99KR Respirators Standards
Level 3US Surgical Mask Standards
TYPE IIR EU Surgical Mask Standards

*Certified with the highest recognition as Medical Respirator of Highest Protection by the European Union.

SAVEWO Products have Passed Multiple Tests of International Standards!

One Size Fit All
Folded: 220mm x 85mm
Unfolded: 175mm x 110mm
Target: Suitable for >90% adults

Separate top and bottom panels with the back side up and ensure the respirator is fully unfolded. The respirator should be formed in a bowl shape when done correctly. Slightly bend the center of the nose clip for better fit.

Take both straps to the front of the respirator. Put on the respirator with the open side toward your face.

With one hand holding the respirator, grab the upper strap with your other hand. Move the upper strap over your head and place it at the top back of your head.

Then place the bottom strap around your neck and below your ears. Ensure the straps are not twisted. Adjust top and bottom panels till the nose bridge and chin is covered, ensuring panels are not folded in. Do not crisscross straps.

Mold the nose clip with both hands by pressing it onto your nose to ensure a close fit and good seal. Pinching the nose clip with one hand is not recommended and may cause leakage.

Place both hands over the respirator, exhale sharply and check for leakage from the respirator edges.
**If air leaks at the respirator edges, pull the straps back along the sides of the head and reshape the nose clip then repeat the above seal check.

Inspect all components of the respirator for damage or contamination before use. Avoid touching the surface of the respirator during use.