When life loses its vibrancy and everything seems dull, would you choose to let it become a part of you or take it as an opportunity for a change? The Memories collection draws you into a world of colours. Bring back the nostalgic and vibrant memories of the past and rediscover the beauty in this world. Fill your life with colour once again.
Open your heart and fill your senses. You will discover that there is a colour that can bring you to life, a colour that can represent you, and a colour that can connect to your soul.
Slow your pace and savour every moment, feel the exquisiteness, and take in every detail. Pair these feelings with an accessory to add a touch of uniqueness into your everyday lives.

Create an Aesthetic Style

The Memories collection comes in 12 new colours. Each colour is carefully selected by the designer, and every mask has SAVEWO printed in delicate calligraphy to heighten its aesthetics and style.

Meticulous Details

The simple small box design is sealed with a tactile sticker. A short expressive poem is printed on the inner layer to add an artistic touch to your everyday life. Every detail is meticulously designed, waiting for you to discover.

Quality of Life

The unique design simulates the spine of a book. Display it on your bookshelf to decorate your personal space, bringing a subtle touch that portrays quality of life.

Accentuate Natural Beauty

The patented super 3D face mask design shapes around the face, creating a seamless barrier that accentuates natural beauty. With Comfortable Type Earloop , you can enjoy an irritation-free experience when wearing it.


Made with hydrophilic ESPP, a skin friendly material. Its hydrophilic property sets it apart from traditional respirators. It is the most skin friendly for sensitive skin as it can maintain consistent humidity under the mask either in a wet or dehydrated condition.

Reminisce about the past anytime, anywhere. The Memories collection is easy to store and carry.
KF94KR Respirator Standards
KN95CN Respirators Standards
Level 3US Surgical Mask Standards
TYPE IIR EU Surgical Mask Standards
N95US NIOSH 42 CFR 84 N95

SAVEWO Products have Passed Multiple Tests of International Standards!

Regular Size
Medium Size
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Folded: 208 x 81 mm
Unfolded: 170 x 110 mm
Target: Suitable for >90% adults, ideal for ladies
Available in 6 beautiful colours, officially launching in a box set of 30 pieces! Let's fill our lives with colour!
Folded: 208x81mm
Unfolded: 175x110mm
Target: Suitable for >90% adults, ideal for gentlemen