The latest version of 3DMASK KIDS is now available! It brings more comfortable and higher level of protection for kids.

SAVEWO improved the 3DMASK KIDS by listening to customer feedback, data collection and analysis. The upgraded version of 3DMASK KIDS provides children with more breathing space, a higher level of protection while more comfortable to wear. The new 3DMASK KIDS comes in two versions – the "Kids S (KS size)" for children aged 2-6, and the "Kids L (KL size)" for children aged 7-13.

New 3D cutting for kids

3DMASK KIDS features an ultra 3D cutting that is more comfortable on the nose bridge and fits the face shape perfectly to prevent inward leakage. Users can wear it for an extended period.

Cute Stitching Design

Patented 3D design

Our patented 3D design fits better to your nose bridge and your face shape in order to prevent not only inward leakage but also fogging for glasses wearers.

High Breathability

  • Innovative filtration technology with ultra-high breathability
  • Ultra-low Breathing Resistance < 2.4mmH2O
  • Adopts the all-new hydrophobic electret technology that stands up to moisture, allowing for maximum filter life

High Filtration

Ultra-high Filtration Efficiency
  • Bacterial Filtration Efficiency BFE≥99.9%
  • Particle Filtration Efficiency PFE≥99.9%
  • Viral Filtration Efficiency VFE≥99.9%
  • Fluid Resistance: Resists Synthetic Blood @ 160mmHg of pressure
  • Filtration is effective for 24 hours+
  • Filtration efficiency maintained 99.9% upon exposure to 100% relative humidity for 24 hours
Filtration Efficiency ≥99.9%
Fluid Resistance: Resists Synthetic Blood @ 160mmHg of pressure
Filtration is effective for 24 hours+


ESPP with a smooth and hydrophilic inner layer can maintain consistent humidity under the mask either in a wet or dehydrated condition.

Comfortable Type Earloops

The texture of the ear loop is like a soft cotton towel thanks to its fine soft fibers on its surface. It provides the ultimate comfort and care for the tender skin of children, without causing pain or leaving marks even wear for an extended period.

KF94KR Respirators Standards
KN95CN Respirators Standards
TYPE IIR EU Surgical Mask Standards
Level 3US Surgical Mask Standards
N95US NIOSH 42 CFR 84 N95

SAVEWO Products have Passed Multiple Tests of International Standards!

Kids Small Size
Kids Large Size
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Folded:172 x 67 mm
Unfolded:125 x 90 mm
Target: New KIDS S: suitable for children aged 2-6
Folded:187 x 73 mm
Unfolded:140 x 95 mm
Target: New KIDS L: suitable for children aged 7-13

*Children under age 3 should wear the mask with the help of adults

The recommended age for this product is for reference only. Toddlers should use this product under adult supervision and guidance. If any abnormalities are found, please stop using this product immediately and seek advice from professionals.